Class Disqus::Forum

  1. lib/disqus/forum.rb
Parent: Object


created_at [R]
id [R]
name [R]
shortname [R]
threads [R]

Public class methods

find (forum_id, user_api_key = nil)

Returns a Forum object corresponding to the given forum_id or nil if it was not found.

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# File lib/disqus/forum.rb, line 31
    def self.find(forum_id, user_api_key = nil)
      opts = user_api_key ? {:api_key => user_api_key} : {}
      list = Forum.list(opts)
      if list{|f| == forum_id}.first
list (user_api_key = nil)

Returns an array of Forum objects belonging to the user indicated by the API key.

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# File lib/disqus/forum.rb, line 20
    def self.list(user_api_key = nil)
      opts = user_api_key ? {:api_key => user_api_key} : {}
      response = Disqus::Api::get_forum_list(opts)
      if response["succeeded"]
        return response["message"].map{|forum|["id"], forum["shortname"], forum["name"], forum["created_at"])}
new (id, shortname, name, created_at, include_threads = false)
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# File lib/disqus/forum.rb, line 6
    def initialize(id, shortname, name, created_at, include_threads = false)
      @id, @shortname, @name, @created_at = id.to_i, shortname, name, Time.parse(created_at.to_s)
      @key = nil
      @forum_threads = include_threads ? load_threads : []

Public instance methods

== (other_forum)
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# File lib/disqus/forum.rb, line 12
    def ==(other_forum)
      id        ==        &&
      shortname == other_forum.shortname &&
      name      ==      &&
      key       == other_forum.key
forum_threads (force_update = false)

Returns an array of threads belonging to this forum.

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# File lib/disqus/forum.rb, line 45
    def forum_threads(force_update = false)
      if (@forum_threads.nil? or @forum_threads.empty? or force_update)
        @forum_threads = Disqus::Thread.list(self)
get_thread_by_url (url)

Returns a thread associated with the given URL.

A thread will only have an associated URL if it was automatically created by Disqus javascript embedded on that page.

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# File lib/disqus/forum.rb, line 56
    def get_thread_by_url(url)
      response = Disqus::Api::get_thread_by_url(:url => url, :forum_api_key => key)
      if response["succeeded"]
        t = response["message"]["id"], self, t["slug"], t["title"], t["created_at"], t["allow_comments"], t["url"], t["identifier"])
key (user_api_key = nil)

Returns the forum API Key for this forum.

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# File lib/disqus/forum.rb, line 40
    def key(user_api_key = nil)
      @key ||= load_key(user_api_key)
thread_by_identifier (identifier, title)

Create or retrieve a thread by an arbitrary identifying string of your choice. For example, you could use your local database’s ID for the thread. This method allows you to decouple thread identifiers from the URL’s on which they might be appear. (Disqus would normally use a thread’s URL to identify it, which is problematic when URL’s do not uniquely identify a resource.) If no thread exists for the given identifier (paired with the forum) yet, one will be created.

Returns a Thread object representing the thread that was created or retrieved.

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# File lib/disqus/forum.rb, line 76
    def thread_by_identifier(identifier, title)
      # TODO - should we separate thread retrieval from thread creation? The API to me seems confusing here.
      response = Disqus::Api::thread_by_identifier(:identifier => identifier, :title => title, :forum_api_key => key)
      if response["succeeded"]
        t = response["message"]["thread"]["id"], self, t["slug"], t["title"], t["created_at"], t["allow_comments"], t["url"], t["identifier"])
update_thread (thread_id, opts = {})

Sets the provided values on the thread object.

Returns an empty success message.


  • :title - the title of the thread
  • :slug - the per-forum-unique string used for identifying this thread in URL’s relating to this thread. Composed of underscore-separated alphanumeric strings.
  • :url - the URL this thread is on, if known.
  • :allow_comment - whether this thread is open to new comments
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# File lib/disqus/forum.rb, line 97
    def update_thread(thread_id, opts = {})
      result = Disqus::Api::update_thread(
        :forum_api_key  => key,
        :thread_id      => thread_id,
        :title          => opts[:title],
        :slug           => opts[:slug],
        :url            => opts[:url],
        :allow_comments => opts[:allow_comments]
      return result["succeeded"]